You Got This!

“You Got This”

Jacob Compton

This isn’t a long, super meaningful quote, nor has it been quoted by a well-known, influential individual from decades ago. It is simple, and many people probably say it multiple times throughout their day without thinking twice about its’ meaning. It has been used as an inspirational quote for cute, colorful journals and wall decorations that women and little girls can buy to feel more powerful, like the lavender one that I have, which screams “YOU GOT THIS” in gold font. It’s a statement, three little words of encouragement, a quick phrase that tumbles out of the mouth.

To others, it may just be a meme – you know the one with the little brown and black puppy in the background, pointing at us and telling us that we do in fact have it! However insignificant or silly the phrase may seem to others, to me, it means so much more…

The first time I heard it was when I was walking away from Jake in the parking lot at CSUF. It was almost 7 PM, almost time for my Milton final, (I took Milton as a required course for my English degree, don’t know him? Look him up!) and I was not feeling great at all. I knew that I wasn’t going to do well on the final because the course was tough and I struggled throughout the semester. Even though I felt awful about the whole thing, and I dreaded having to walk to class that night, Jake had yelled after me “You got this!”.

When I met him in the parking lot afterwards, I dejectedly told him that “I did not have it, like at all…” I failed the final, I’m pretty sure, but I got a B in the course and ended the semester swearing that I’d never read Milton ever again. (I still haven’t read anymore by him but I’ve gotten over my past failure, it wasn’t Milton’s fault!)

Anyways, flashforward to today, I have lost count of how many times Jake has told me that “You got this!”. He says it so often that I have finally believed it myself, and even when I definitely do not have it, I feel better knowing that at least Jake believes that I do. That simple phrase has stuck with me for over two years, and every time I hear it, it reminds me that I have other people in the crowd cheering me on, supporting me and motivating me to keep going, to conquer my fears, to keep chasing my dreams.

Without knowing how much those three little words mean to me, my sister gifted me the lavender journal with the gold font to remind me to keep pushing forward with law school and with everything else that I’m trying to accomplish right now. I was overcome with love and gratitude (and even some tears) when she gave it to me, and now, those words mean even more to me, because she believes that I can do it too.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed or am struggling with something, or when I need to calm myself down or raise myself up, I whisper those three words to myself. “I got this, you got this Tiara, YOU GOT THIS”. It has made all the difference in the world to me (:

So, I challenge you to find your phrase, find your own mantra that will get you through the tough times and even the best, most happiest of times; use it to motivate yourself and to raise yourself up. Or you could use Jake’s quote like I do, whatever helps you to get through the day and one step closer to your goals and your dreams, because “YOU GOT THIS!” *insert red heart emoji*

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