Hello Again!

I haven’t blogged the past few days because life has been pretty busy and hectic. I definitely did not keep up with my personal challenge of blogging every day, but that’s okay! I’d rather write sincerely than force myself to write just for the sake of posting something.

I don’t have much to say tonight, but I did want to thank all of the bloggers out there who read my stuff and leave a like or a comment. It’s nice to know that people other than my friends and family enjoy reading what I have to say. And of course, I am extremely grateful for my family and friends who do the same… *insert red heart emoji*

I’d like to end this post with a short story…or an brief explanation…whatever you want to call it…

I started this blog a year ago, but only just began doing something with it. It took me awhile to talk myself into writing and sharing with others because I doubted that anyone would care what I had to say. What held me back was my own self-doubt that anything worth saying had already been said, and that if I did come up with saying something worthwhile, no one would read it anyways.

I got over that about a month ago because I had finally decided that I would just write for myself. It didn’t matter to me anymore whether someone read my work or not; I was just content with getting my thoughts out into the open.

Obviously, I am overjoyed that so many people have visited/viewed my site and have read/interacted with my posts. Now, I actually do care whether people read my posts or not, but that’s because I have gotten so much support and positive feedback from others, which I didn’t expect at all! So now, I write for myself and I write for others; I write for those who read every new post, for those who come across my page and read only one, and for those who don’t read any but support me anyways.

Thank you (again) to any and everyone who takes the time to read my never-ending stream of ramblings. It means the world to me… *insert another red heart emoji*

Published by Tiara Smith

Sharing my life, one blog post at a time!

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