My purpose, or lack thereof (revisited)

I figured it out! Took me a couple of weeks but I finally figured out my purpose!

I have ultimately decided that my life’s purpose, or the purpose of life in general, is perhaps, nothing, nothing at all. Maybe if the purpose of life is nothing, then it can literally be anything and everything all at once. Who’s to say that there is a purpose to life at all? People around me say that there must be a reason why mankind is here on Earth and why we have evolved and thrived over the last hundreds/thousands of years. I don’t see why, but I guess there doesn’t have to be a conclusive answer. If I believe that there is no grand purpose, then my purpose can be anything I want or nothing at all.

Many people find their purposes in their careers, by becoming parents, by helping others, and so on. Then, that means that one’s purpose is one that they discover for themselves or make for themselves. So I can do the same.

Purpose is something we make ourselves, to make ourselves feel important and feel as though we are contributing to society in some way. Perhaps, I felt lost without a purpose because my life revolves around other people who help me feel important and perhaps, because I was not necessarily contributing to society or being more productive in the minds of others.

I feel differently now, now that I have stewed over this issue for weeks. I have learned that I do have a purpose in my life, many purposes actually. So many that I don’t find it necessary to list them all. I think I was so set on having one grand purpose that I didn’t realize that I have many little purposes that make me who I am.

With all that being said, there may be no purpose to my life. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. But because there may be nothing, that leaves a world full of somethings, anythings, everythings for me to discover and make my own.

I am riveting with excitement!

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